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With a customer satisfaction rating of 97%, Buda Juice is
proving the value of its high-quality customer service.

Horatio Lonsdale-Hands and Bernard Lucien Nussbaumer founded Buda Juice with health, sustainability, and positive impact at the forefront of their minds. These childhood friends are offering more than cleansing and health-boosting juices; they’re offering a proven product with zero guilt. Texas and Toronto-based Buda Juice proudly delivers the freshest cold-pressed, chemical-free, organic juices in glass bottles with sustainable practice at the core of their business model and no corner-cutting insight.

Buda Juice's website landing page with a large banner image of a green smoothie.

The Buda Juice team is understandably proud of their products and business, and the results show. Their branding flows immaculately throughout all of their media and communications; crisp, clean photos with captivating colors and captivating brand representation make their website, and social media accounts, and aesthetic pleasure to browse. The team at Buda Juice uses Marsello to support their loyalty program and go the extra mile by sending automated emails to their rewards customers to let them know when points are accumulating. Buda Juice can rest assured knowing they’re delivering the best organic products that they can while practising sustainability and simultaneously offering high-quality customer service.


Here's what we love about their marketing

Buda Juice’s rewards program is simple, yet effective. They’re offering a loyalty system that clearly rewards new customers and returning customers by offering $10 off a purchase with every 100 points earned. This easy-to-understand approach keeps customers’ eye on the prize and keeps them coming back to earn more points. Check out their beautifully customized widget below to get an idea of where their customers can start earning points.

Colorful loyalty widget the pops up over Buda Juice's website.

Buda Juice is also setting the bar high with its positive feedback. They’ve gained a 97% customer satisfaction rating which is certainly a score that they can be proud of. The Buda Juice team knows that with this kind of feedback they’re not only healthy and delicious juices but also top-quality customer service which their shoppers are more than happy to rave about. Buda Juice treats their customers like VIPs, and by gathering customer feedback, they not only show that they’re invested in their customer responses, but that they're also living up to their goal of consistently delivering the best products and services that they can.

A 'Thanks for Shopping' email from Buda Juice which includes a prompt for customer feedback


One of the ways that Buda Juice customers can earn a lot of points is by referring a friend who then successfully makes a purchase. As soon as that purchase is finalized, the Buda Juice loyalty member earns 50 points, and if they’ve correctly filled out their profile then they’ll already have accumulated 50 points there; long story short those 100 points translate to $10 credit. Not only does this entice customers to join their program, but it also attracts new customers to join in on the benefits of the program. Once you add this to their excellent customer service reviews, proven products, and careful consideration of their environmental impact, it’s a highly enticing community for new customers to join.

Buda Juice's loyalty page on their website

What Buda Juice has to say:

"We have used Marsello/Collect for our loyalty program since early 2017 and have been extremely happy with the results. We now have a large, fully engaged loyal customer base; the feedback piece is key as we highly value customer service and love being able to keep a pulse on our customer experience in real-time... It's been invaluable."

– Horatio Lonsdale-Hands, Buda Juice Chairman & CEO

Extra things Buda Juice are doing that we love

Empty bottle exchange program

Buda Juice's mission is to not only take care of their customer's bodies with a healthy, proven product but to also take care of the planet. This is why the team at Buda Juice offer $1 off when a customer brings their clean, empty bottle brought back to the store. Buda Juice already uses glass bottles to lessen their impact on the environment, but they go the extra step to incentivize their return customers to recycling. This clever marketing also means that new customers are likely to return because they are then able to get a cheaper juice the next time they shop, but they can also feel good about their environmental impact and their healthy nutrition choices. Read more about their sustainability efforts on their Why We're Different info page.

a selection of 3 juice products including their ingredients and nutritional info.

Sustainable business model

The Buda Juice creators, Horatio and Bernard, not only wanted to create juices that were healthy, high-quality, and tasted absolutely delicious, they also wanted to make sure that they were minimizing their impact on the environment. They only use glass bottles (100% recyclable and toxin-free) and only support and buy from USDA certified organic (chemical-free) farms. The nutrients in this freshly picked organic produce are then maximized by being kept refrigerated from farm to bottle. They even donate their pulp to local farms to recycle as a fertilizer, further enhancing their sustainability model.

A 'how your juice is made' information page on the Buda Juice website.
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