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Using creative rewards and an engaging loyalty program, Pinjarra Bakery is boosting their customer loyalty with an engaging rewards program has 58% of customers returning a second time and visiting an average of 5X per month!

Pinjarra Bakery's loyalty information page on their website including their earn options and loyalty program details.

Pinjarra Bakery cleverly uses eye-catching rewards to capture their customers’ attention and encourage them to make repeat purchases. With rewards like "I only need a COFFEE with days ending in "y"☕", Pinjarra Bakery engages their customers by being unique, fun, and even suggestive (notice the subtle hint to buy coffee every day). We love seeing brands get creative with their loyalty programs and it pays off too. Pinjarra’s loyalty program has seen 5000 reward redemptions which has generated over $43K in reward redemption purchases alone.


What Pinjarra Bakery has to say:

Marsello's features like loyalty programs, email marketing, customer feedback collection and embedded landing page forms help us to create on-brand, worry-free marketing strategies that mean we can focus on the big tasks like setting up our new store."

– Daniel, owner at Pinjarra Bakery


To learn how to make the most out of your loyalty marketing, check out The Loyalty Marketing Guide: 8 Strategies for Gaining Customers for Life.

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