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Pinjarra Bakery sees 58% repeat purchase rate
with help from a branded sign-up form.


Award winners of The Great Aussie Pie Comp 2019, Pinjarra Bakery keep their customers coming back with a fun loyalty program that they promote in-store and online. Not only do the staff ask every customer to join, they also have a landing page sign-up form that directs customers to sign-up for their generous loyalty program. The form alone has a 15.87% sign-up rate, backing up their loyalty program and showing just how well-loved their baked goods are.

Sign-up form collecting customer details on Pinjarra Bakery's online store.

With three stores throughout Western Australia (in Pinjarra, Maddington, Waroona, and Port Kennedy), Pinjarra Bakery has a widespread reach to capture customers and keep them coming back; therefore, it’s important that they promote their loyalty program in as many ways as possible. With a sign-up form in the form of a website tab and generous rewards program, coupled with award-winning products, it’s no wonder that they’re seeing a repeat purchase rate of 58%. In just one month, Pinjarra Bakery saw a 45.26% increase in repeat customer revenue, and this number keeps climbing.

What Pinjarra Bakery has to say

"Marsello's features like loyalty programs, email marketing, customer feedback collection and embedded landing page forms help us to create on-brand, worry-free marketing strategies that mean we can focus on the big tasks like setting up our new store."

– Daniel / Pinjarra Bakery

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