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XOBeauty's logo which feature's the company's name in black on a white background.

xoBeauty sees 20x ROI by offering customers
a generous rewards program


xoBeauty, a New Zealand-based makeup brand, has become a household name amongst kiwi make-up enthusiasts. xoBeauty have dedicated themselves to creating a brand that their customers will love and they've made sure to keep it that way with a powerful retention marketing strategy and generous loyalty program. xoBeauty is seeing a 20x ROI and an average repeat purchase rate of 33%.

XObeauty's pink-themed loyalty widget that pops up on their website and encourages customers to sign up to the program

With a rewards program that incorporates exciting and attainable rewards, a clear earning path, and even exclusive deals for their best customers through automated email flows, xoBeauty has a world-class approach to nurturing customer loyalty.

They’ve also gone the extra mile in customizing their rewards widget with beautiful images and recognizable design. It’s obvious that the xoBeauty team has their retention strategies mastered and their hard work and preparation are paying off. Their loyalty program sees a 7.8% redemption rate but its benefits don't stop there. With a customer referral program in place, xoBeauty are able to encourage their current customers to refer friends and earn loyalty points as they do so. This way, xoBeauty grows their customer database, while also improving customer loyalty.


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