búl doubles their campaign revenue
amidst COVID-19


Australian fashion retailer, búl knows how to captivate customers. The brand uses One-off Email Campaigns to connect with shoppers while driving online traffic and revenue. They’re seeing amazing results from their campaigns with outstanding open rates and 25x ROI

búl’s cleverly uses GIFs within an email campaigns helps to grab customers’ attention and encourage purchases with a 70% off discount.

One of our favorite campaigns is búl’s Warehouse Sale email. This campaign alone generated 2x the revenue that they see on average per campaign. The email also had an industry-leading open rate of 31.16% and an impressive click rate of 43.21%.

búl’s email is simple, on-brand, and straight to the point. It includes an enticing GIF of still images showcasing the various styles that customers can check out. To drive urgency, búl offered an attractive discount for a limited time – up to 70% off.

búl also put the email’s footer to good use. In addition to displaying the customer's points reward balance, the footer promotes búl’s Instagram page, along with the fact that the brand accepts Afterpay and offers free shipping in Australia. 

The results of this email are certainly noteworthy, but what’s even more impressive is that it was sent in the middle of a pandemic. Despite COVID-19, this email, which was sent in April, managed to be one of the búl’s top-performing campaigns with the average purchase total reaching just over $230 AUD. This just goes to show that nothing can stop a brand from being successful as long as you have an engaged audience and the right offer.

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