Bulo Shoes are achieving 50x ROI by interlacing their loyalty program with cleverly curated email marketing.


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Omnichannel Shopify retailer, Bulo Shoes, has developed a premium brand by stocking only the best designers and premium products across their online and brick-and-mortar stores, based in San Francisco.

Bulo Shoes needed a retention marketing solution that would support and grow its smart omnichannel operation. They needed a tool that could recognize their customers’ behavior both online and in-store, no matter where they shopped, to deliver the right marketing message to the right customer at the right time, and to encourage that customer to shop again.

Bulo Shoes’ loyalty widget which pops up from a circular floating tab that sits on their online store.

Using Marsello, Bulo Shoes has created a fully integrated and robust retention strategy that runs across their online, and brick-and-mortar stores.

With a generous loyalty program and cleverly interlaced email marketing, Bulo Shoes have generated an astounding 44.35x return on investment (ROI). It just goes to show that dedication to providing an inviting and engaging communication channel, and rewarding customers for their loyalty can be the secret to omnichannel retail success – it’s no surprise that Bulo Shoes are seeing such outstanding results.

Bulo Shoes’ customer loyalty program is seeing a 45% engagement rate

Bulo Shoe’s used Marsello to create a generous loyalty program.

Bulo Shoes’ loyal customers have earned 105,497,43 points and counting! With a 13% repeat purchase rate across their stores, they are masters of getting their customers back to shop again and again. In fact, Bulo Shoes’ loyalty program has generated an additional $7800 USD in reward redemptions alone and is seeing an engagement rate of 45% – that means that almost half of their customers have earned points or redeemed a reward since Bulo Shoes started their program!

Bulo Shoes have generated over $30,960 USD from
automated email campaigns in just 10 months.

Bulo Shoe’s automated Thank First-time Customer email campaign with product recommendations and ‘View Product’ CTAs.

Bulo Shoes takes its retention marketing strategy a step further, using automated emails at key milestones in their customers’ loyalty journey, from thanking new customers for their first purchase, to winning back customers who haven’t shopped in a while. In fact, their ‘First-Time Customer’ email has generated $14,407 USD, and their automated email campaigns have generated over $30,960 USD in just 10 months.

Bulo Shoes generates an average of $3,500 USD per
one-off email campaign. 

An email campaign Bulo Shoes sent in 2019

The results of their one-off email campaigns show that Bulo Shoes are committed to creating diverse email campaigns that captivate their customers. After creating an email campaign dedicated to Pride Weekend, Bulo Shoes generated $10,601 USD. In total, they have sent 36 campaigns with Marsello, generating a total of 499 new orders, with an average of $3,500 USD per campaign.

What Bulo Shoes have to say:

"We linked Marsello to our online and physical stores with a loyalty program and automated email marketing, making it easy for us to communicate with customers regularly and to offer them rewards that keep them coming back. With the recent COVID-19 developments, we have been able to direct our customers to our online stores and keep them updated with any changes. Marsello is an essential tool for the Bulo Shoes business."

– Silas Gomez, eCommerce manager at Bulo Shoes

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