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Carolina Lifestyle Marsello Success Story

Carolina Lifestyle's Loyalty Marketing

Carolina Lifestyle Marsello Success Story

Carolina Lifestyle, a “lifestyle label” that produces unique products which focus on function, quality and price, are masters of retention marketing with tools like their stand-out loyalty program. Dubbed the ‘Carolina Lifestyle Loyalty Program’, their initiative is hugely successful and has generated over $1.6 million AUD for the label. Carolina Lifestyles’s loyalty program is seeing outstanding engagement rates (100%!) from its members who have earned 13.1 million loyalty points and counting!


Carolina Lifestyle has created a generous loyalty program, using Marsello – and they’re reaping the rewards.

The team at Carolina Lifestyle wanted to show customers how much they value them, so the label created an incredibly generous loyalty program. Shoppers who join the Carolina Lifestyle Loyalty Program immediately get 200 points (an equivalent to $20) simply by becoming a member, encouraging new customers to keep coming back by getting them that much closer to their first reward.

Shoppers earn one loyalty point for every dollar spent, which they can then redeem for future discounts. This setup makes it easy for people to earn rewards and enjoy the perks of the program. So far, Carolina Lifestyle has seen 12,829 reward redemptions and a 93% reward redemption rate. 


Carolina Lifestyle also rewards customers who successfully refer their friends. Members get 100 points (equivalent to $10) for every successful referral – and those customers immediately get $20 simply by joining!


All these initiatives, combined with Carolina Lifestyle’s exquisite and unique products,  helps to ensure that shoppers keep coming back. And it works – the company’s average customer lifetime value (CLV) is $716.94, and about a third of Carolina Lifestyle's customers return to shop again within two months. 


Carolina Lifestyle also sends customers emails relating to their loyalty program, as well as beautifully designed One-off Campaigns to keep their customers up-to-date. Perhaps their most impressive result is that they’ve also managed to reach 131x ROI, showing the power of a fully integrated, well-designed omnichannel retention marketing strategy. 


To learn how to make the most out of your loyalty marketing, check out The Loyalty Marketing Guide: 8 Strategies for Gaining Customers for Life.




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