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Cosmetics & Fragrance Marsello Success Story

Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct's Omnichanel Marketing

Cosmetics & Fragrance Marsello Success Story

Since 2005, Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct has grown its business as Australia’s foremost outlet store for beauty supplies and fragrances. In such a competitive and vibrant industry, Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct was looking for a way to strengthen customer loyalty and keep customers shopping with them over their competition.

With 5 brick-and-mortar and online stores located nationwide throughout Australia, they needed a marketing solution that would support all of their sales channels and help them to reach their vision of becoming the #1 cosmetics and fragrance outlet in Australia. 

Cosmetics Fragrance Direct uses Marsello to deliver an omnichannel marketing experience.


Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct runs a well-oiled retention marketing machine across all of their physical sites and their online store. Using Marsello, they’ve automated key relationship-building emails and set up a loyalty program that rewards customers who shop both in-store and online. 


They have also taken their marketing a step further by collecting customer feedback through a short survey designed to measure customer satisfaction. Additionally, they’re also driving sales on top of their retention strategy with beautifully designed and conversion-focused one-off email campaigns. To maximize their marketing, Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct created a simple and attractive loyalty program; they also use automated email flows to engage their customers and prompt them for feedback on the shopping experience. 

Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct is solidifying itself as a household name, and a leading cosmetics and fragrances retailer throughout Australia.


Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct have more than doubled their customers' average spend per order with their 'Exclusive Shopper' loyalty program.
Cosmetics Fragrance Direct’s loyalty widget popped-up over their online store.

The ‘Exclusive Shopper’ loyalty program is intentionally kept simple with a $10-off discount code as their sole reward. With an 11% repeat purchase rate and a 2x increase in customers’ average spend, Cosmetics Fragrance Direct is reaping the rewards of an airtight loyalty program. Exclusive Shoppers earn points by making purchases (no matter what sales channel they shop through – both in-store and online) and providing their birthdate and email address. This profile completion reward cleverly gives Cosmetics Fragrance Direct the ability to better target their loyalty program customers in future marketing campaigns. 


Cosmetics Fragrance Direct generated 8K in revenue with an automated email campaign that says, ‘Thank you for shopping’ to their first-time customers.

Cosmetics and Fragrance Direct’s automated Thank First-time Customer email campaign with 3 emails promoting products and encouraging customers to 'Check Out Now'.

In the above campaign, Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct includes a 10% discount code offering customers a discount on their next purchase. Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct has coupled that offer with compelling data-driven product recommendations to prompt first-time customers to shop again right away. With a 17x ROI on their email marketing, Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct is proving the power of perfectly timed

automated emails that trigger from customers’ actions in-store and online.


Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct generates an average of
$600 on each one-off email campaign.

Cosmetics and Fragrance Direct’s One-off Email Campaign marketing Jean Paul Gaultier perfume.

The results of their one-off email campaigns show that Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct is dedicated to creating emails that captivate their customers. Take a look at one of their eye-catching designs in the above campaign, created to encourage customers to “SHOP JOHN PAUL GAULTIER” collections. This email campaign alone saw a 6.7% conversion rate.


Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct have a 94% Customer Satisfaction rating, showcasing their dedication to an outstanding shopping experience.

Cosmetics &amp; Fragrance Direct’s Customer Feedback Survey which is nested into their loyalty points notification email

The team at Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct is dedicated to ensuring that their customer service is the best in the business, so they actively ask for customers to review their shopping experience. When ‘Exclusive Shopper’ loyalty program customers complete a purchase, an automated email is triggered to send, updating the customers on their points balance. Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct cleverly prompts these loyalty program shoppers for customer feedback on experiences such as ‘Value’ and ‘Customer Service’ within. Not only does gathering customer feedback help Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct to enhance their customers’ experience, but it also helps paint a picture of how different customer segments are feeling, helping to inform Cosmetics and Fragrance Direct’s retention marketing strategy across all sales channels.


What Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct has to say:

"With multiple physical stores and an eCommerce site, it's important to us that all our data is in one easily navigable place. Consistency between our brand, customer experience and marketing plays a vital role in growing our business – it's what strengthens our customer relationships. With Marsello, we can easily track success while managing multiple campaigns and marketing tools – from a loyalty program and automated flows, to Email & SMS campaigns. Whether customers shop with us in-store or online, they're instantly added to our marketing funnel where we can track their engagement and nurture their loyalty! We look forward to continuing to develop our marketing with Marsello."

– Matt Holmes | Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct

How Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct make the most out of their integrations:


With multiple brick-and-mortar sites and a dedicated eCommerce following, it's essential to Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct that their brand is accurately represented through every channel and at every touchpoint. They pair their multiple Lightspeed-powered POS sites with Shopify Plus, allowing them total control and accurate tracking of every customer interaction. Whether it's email marketing, automated campaigns, or loyalty, Cosmetics & Fragrance Direct can re-engage their customers during each and every significant milestone. With complete command over website design, brand representation, and customer experience, combing Shopify Plus, Lightspeed X-Series, and Marsello creates a powerhouse retail toolkit. 



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