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Sweet About Loyalty: Marsello Is “A Big Part” Of Nodo’s Growth

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From farmers market to fully-baked

In 2014 Kate Williams launched Nodo (pronounced “no-dough”) to spread happiness through beautiful baked goods that combine artisan methods and naturally gluten free ingredients. As the story goes, Kate baked donuts in her home kitchen and brought them to her local farmers’ market, quickly building a loyal following.


This success led to opening their first location in Newstead, Brisbane. Over the years, they’ve grown from just donuts to a full café menu with their own roasted coffee. Nodo has also launched an at-home range, now stocked in various grocers across Queensland, with plans to go nationwide. Today, Nodo has nine locations, a fantastic team, and lots of happy customers.

nodo founder kate williams

"Our main focus is to get that omnichannel experience right"

Jordan found Marsello when he was looking for a loyalty program that integrated with Shopify and Lightspeed. The online business was growing, and he needed a way to provide a seamless experience for customers, however they were shopping.


With Marsello, he can offer that. And by connecting all his sales channels, he has access to all his in-store and online sales data in one place. Jordan can also sync all his in-store transaction data into Klaviyo, where he runs email campaigns.

Alpha60 store

Highlights at a glance

Nodo sees 20x return on their investment in loyalty and customer marketing.

Marsello works seamlessly between Nodo’s channels (Bopple, Shopify, and Lightspeed), just as customers expect. “It delivers what we intended,” says Rhys, ”that same experience wherever you are.”

Data is the “most important thing about it”. Nodo uses their loyalty data to run highly personalized, targeted marketing. Automated emails, triggered by customer actions, see a 52%+ open rate on average.

a stat showing that nodo sees a 20x return on investment in their loyalty and marketing

The search for a truly omnichannel loyalty program

Nodo launched their Sweet Circle loyalty program with Marsello to meet the evolving expectations of their customers and maintain consistency across all platforms. They wanted a unified experience that allowed loyalty members to earn and redeem rewards no matter how they shopped. 


Nodo researched a few loyalty platforms, but none could provide seamless integration between all their in-store, online and app-based channels. Until Marsello. It was simply “what people expect of us as a brand,” said Rhys.

a loyalty program that integrates with shopify, lightspeed and klaviyo

“What people expect of us as a brand at the moment, they want to be able to use a unified system across everything. And that's where Marsello came in.”

rhys crowley nodo ceo

Rhys, CEO, Nodo

Marsello was the “perfect facility” for Nodo’s vision

The Sweet Circle program was designed with unique branding, featuring a different color palette and tone from the main Nodo brand. This distinct identity helped customers connect with the loyalty program on a deeper level.


By choosing Marsello, Nodo was able to create that familiar, branded experience that resonated with their customers. This approach not only met the high expectations of their loyal customer base but also supported Nodo's goal of maintaining their original essence while continuing to grow.


“And I'll be honest, things like Marsello and that unified experience across the whole brand when we introduced the Sweet Circle last year are a big part of that growth,” Rhys says.

nodo branded donut packaging

A better understanding of customer experience

Nodo has most recently adopted the confidential customer feedback feature in Marsello. This gives the store immediate insights into customer satisfaction based on specific data points, such as products, customer service, or particular locations.


Rhys emphasizes that this approach is vital because while 99% of customers have a great experience, people are generally more inclined to share negative feedback. By capturing feedback right after the sale, Nodo can proactively address any issues and continuously improve their service, rather than waiting for potential negative feedback online or through word-of-mouth. This helps Nodo maintain high standards, enhance the customer experience, and foster a positive company culture.

Marketing email with a customer feedback section

The proof is in the data, but also in the customer interactions

 “Giving [our loyalty program] its own name and its own voice has been a really beneficial thing for us,” Rhys explains. Nodo can now use their loyalty data to make better business decisions, drive growth, and enhance marketing campaigns.


For example, they can gather detailed insights into customer spending habits, allowing for a more segmented and targeted marketing approach. This data-driven strategy replaces their previous blanket marketing efforts, enabling Nodo to understand where customers are dining and what they are purchasing.


Beyond the data, Rhys tells us that the customer feedback is the most rewarding part. “Do you know how many people just simply walk into the store and are so excited to use their points? The honest highlight for us is that people have adopted this system and run with it, and it's become such an impactful part of Nodo.”

Nodo employee serving a customer

Working with Marsello has been “really refreshing”

Rhys admits that it’s not always easy to find the right tech partners. As a growing business, they always have one eye set on new technology to stay up-to-date with customer expectations.  “I think people shy away from tech because it kind of removes the human experience,” he says, “but what I think hospitality brands should be doing is using it to actually enhance the human experience.”

“We love that Marsello are continuing to innovate in that space, not just accepting that that's where you're up to, but continually developing that product.” This innovation aligns perfectly with Nodo's own ambitions as they expand and seek partners who can evolve alongside them.

Loyalty reward unlocked notification

What’s next? Nodo wants to push the program even further

“I think that in hospitality, we're sometimes scared to put too much of an identity on a particular part of the brand. Obviously, a digital marketing program costs a lot more than having a traditional stamp card.” But Rhys explains: “The amount of data that is available to you to benefit your customers is the most important thing about it, as well as the experience they have with your brand.”

Now that they’ve found the perfect tool, and the return on investment is clear, they’re ready to take their Sweet Circle loyalty program to the next level. Soon, Nodo will be introducing limited edition merchandise available exclusively through the program, where customers earn points to access these unique items. This initiative aims to create excitement and foster engagement within the Sweet Circle community. 

We can’t wait to see what they bake up next.

Customer dining with Nodo food and coffee

Serve up delicious customer experiences

Get started with integrated loyalty, marketing and data for your hospitality businesses. 

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