Our Bralette Club's Automated Campaigns


Our Bralette Club’s Automated Win-Back Campaign Generated Over $4K in the 4
Months Since It Was First Sent



Our Bralette Club uses automated emails to win-back customers who are at risk of not returning – the perfectly-timed campaign (powered by Marsello) has been a stand-out success with eye-catching designs that generated just over 4K in revenue in the 4 months since it was first sent.



Our Bralette Club  uses Marsello’s to send out an automated Win-Back Campaign to at-risk customers.

Singapore-based lingerie store,Our Bralette Club, are body positivity ambassadors with a large and thoroughly engaged customer base. It stands to reason that they have a well-established brand identity, and they wanted to connect with customers at opportune times to reinforce their brand message and ultimately, drive sales.


After creating their win-back campaign, Our Bralette Club generated over $4K in revenue during the first 4 months and an astounding $7,200 from all automated emails. Their captivating graphics deserve a special mention, too! We love that they’ve incorporated a variety of GIFs in each email that embody the OBC brand. As their customers have come to expect these fun graphics, it’s helped to sky-rocket high open rates.





Store:Our Bralette Club

Industry: Apparel

Integration: Vend & BigCommerce