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Ozzie Collectibles Marsello Success Story

Ozzie Collectables' Automated Campaigns

Ozzie Collectibles Marsello Success Story

The team behind Ozzie Collectables (a novelty online collectibles and pop culture store based in Australia) knows how to keep customers coming back; using automated campaigns! Ozzie Collectables connects with various customer segments and encourages them to keep shopping on the site through marketing automation. And they’ve seen tremendous results so far; they’re seeing 214x ROI and their automated email flows alone are generating 38% of their revenue.


A banner with a bright orange background showcases the three emails of Ozzie Collectables Abandoned Cart automated campaign. They’ve included three recommended products in each email with a ‘Checkout Now’ CTA.

Ozzie Collectables is one of the best pop culture stores in Australia, and they have one of the largest range of collectibles – including action figures, trading cards, and POP! Vinyls. To market their catalog, the team at Ozzie Collectables uses automated email flows that are specifically designed for different segments, namely: first-time shoppers, inactive customers, and window shoppers who abandoned their carts.

Ozzie Collectables’ most successful automation is their Abandoned Cart campaign, which targets shoppers who added items to their shopping cart but left the site without completing the purchase. The automated email flow is made up of three emails reminding customers about the products in their shopping cart. Ozzie’s top-performing email in the series is the first message, which is sent one hour after a shopper abandons their cart. 


The automated campaign is doing a terrific job in urging shoppers to complete their purchases. It has a conversion rate of 28%, and the sales that are directly attributable to the campaign are 31% of their total earnings with Automated Email Campaigns. In fact, Ozzie Collectables have seen a 517% increase in revenue from automations. 


Be sure to check out Marsello’s email automations and discover how they can help you increase sales with minimal manual work!

What the retailer has to say:

“Marsello has been paramount to our success! It plays a huge role in segmenting our customers and showcasing the customers that require targeted marketing. Marsello not only is a financially better option compared to the alternatives on Shopify but it's been able to provide other key features like Mailchimp sync, newsletters, customer segmentation and a lot more. Without Marsello, I don't believe we could have hit the numbers we do day in, day out. The support has always been great and we're looking forward to seeing what the future brings as Marsello continues to innovate.”

– Austin D'Souza, Ozzie Collectables



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