Parker Panache generated $24,024 USD in
their first two months using SMS campaigns.


With over 15 years of business under their belt, established fashion brand Parker Panache, located just out of Denver,  CO., have mastered their marketing and kept their campaigns fresh. The team are dedicated to engaging with their customers, combining as many outreach efforts as possible (think email, social media, phone calls, and SMS). As one of the first retailers to use Marsello’s SMS campaigns feature, Parker Panache has really shown how powerful SMS marketing can be; in just two months, they paired their SMS campaigns with their omnichannel marketing efforts to generate an astounding $24,024 USD!

Parker Panache's SMS campaign to offer customers a 20% off discount for Black Friday.

Black Friday has become one of the most important retail events of the year and Parker Panache made sure to take the opportunity to re-engage their loyal customers. with a winning SMS campaign that offered 20% off storewide, they generated $6,302 in revenue from just that single SMS promotion.

Parker Panache has gone from strength to strength with its SMS marketing; on average each campaign generates at least $2,963 per campaign. Their return on investment (ROI) for those first 2 months of SMS campaigns is a perfect example of how successful they’ve been with this feature – each month they invested $50, making their total ROI for those 2 months equates to 240x!

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