Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty use Marsello’s marketing and loyalty tools to drive customer engagement and ultimately increase online orders.

How Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty doubled sales with Marsello


Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty has been an industry mainstay for more than 40 years. In 1980, founder Scott Lattimer saw an opportunity to bring in global makeup brands previously unavailable in Australia. Now, their expertise is deeply embedded in the industry across beauty salons, film productions, TV studios, theatres and more.

But it wasn't until they started using Marsello that they had a true grasp on their reach–and just how much they could do with their customer base. Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty use Marsello’s marketing and loyalty tools to drive customer engagement and ultimately increase online orders.


Increase customer engagement and repeat orders.
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Using Marsello, Scotty's Makeup & Beauty...

  • Recover abandoned carts with email automations
  • Drive repeat business (and double sales at EOFY) with a loyalty program
  • Market to an engaged database (63% of all revenue attributed to marketing activity comes from email campaigns)
  • Reach new audiences outside of the Makeup & Beauty industry through loyalty and referrals

“We started seeing results almost instantly."

- Hollie, Scotty's Makeup & Beauty


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Why Scotty's Makeup & Beauty chose Marsello

When Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty came across Marsello, they were just looking for a solution for sending out email newsletters. But with the expansive functionality in the app, says Hollie, Sales Manager, they saw the potential straight away.

“We realised that we could benefit a lot more than just having a newsletter, so we set up the loyalty program as well,” says Hollie. Within just two years of setting up Marsello, they saw their EOFY sales double.

Driving revenue with set-and-forget marketing

Using pre-built, set-and-forget automations, Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty recover more abandoned carts, drive repeat purchases and win back lost customers.

For instance, their ‘Welcome’ email, sent when a customer first signs up, offers a 10% discount on their first purchase. This email alone brings in 16% of all revenue generated from marketing activity.

After seeing incredible results from the pre-built automations, Hollie is keen to explore custom automations for even more targeted marketing.

“I would love to implement more automated emails for customers… As a small business with staff that wear a lot of hats, being able to set things up quickly is great, especially if it can be done in advance.”

- Hollie, Scotty's Makeup & Beauty


Growing a loyal customer database

For years, Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty customers had been asking about discounts for students or industry professionals. “With the Scotty’s Rewards Program, we now have a solution that suits a lot of our customers,” says Hollie. “The fact that we can run the program both online and in-store is great for building our customer database and turning one-time customers into repeat customers.”

With the loyalty program, Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty has seen expansion beyond the industry it initially sought to serve. Now, they’re building a whole new audience of customers who come to them with all their dress-up and costume needs. Unlocking these new audiences has been key to their sales growth in the past few years.

“When we first signed up for Marsello we didn’t realise how big our customer database was, and it only continues to grow.”

- Hollie, Scotty's Makeup & Beauty


Tracking the impact of all their campaigns, in-store and online

Scotty’s Makeup & Beauty runs a slick omnichannel operation, with both an eCommerce store and bricks-and-mortar presence. Being able to track the impact of their marketing in-store and online has been extremely important.

For example, Hollie can now see that their email campaigns generate 63% of all revenue attributed to marketing activity—including sales made by customers in-store after receiving an email about a sale or new stock.



Final words from Scotty's Makeup & Beauty

"Marsello has been able to bridge a gap between ourselves and our customers. As well as that, they are always very response and helpful when we do have questions or cannot resolve an issue ourselves!"

– Hollie, Scotty's Makeup & Beauty

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