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Smack Bang Marsello Success Story

Smack Bang's Loyalty Marketing

Smack Bang Marsello Success Story

Smack Bang is a New Zealand-based retailer that specializes in locally-made pet accessories, gifts, and treats. The gorgeous pet boutique also has a lovely loyalty program that’s paying dividends; these loyalty initiatives have generated $8,200+ for the brand, a 100% loyalty engagement rate, and a reward redemption rate of 38%.

Banner of Smack Bang’s loyalty widget floating on the center of their website homepage.


Smack Bang, a long-time Marsello customer, revamped the design of their loyalty program in 2020 with this eye-catching center-screen widget. They timed this perfectly – just as New Zealand started to ease up on COVID-19 lockdown measures –allowing the city-center-located store to refresh its loyalty program right when people were ready to shop online and in-store. Having a new look allowed Smack Bang to stand out, particularly among customers who were used to the old design.


We love that Smack Bang’s loyalty widget looks right at home on their homepage. The company chose a design that fits seamlessly with all of its assets. The widget features Smack Bang’s brand colors and a stunning photo of their brick-and-mortar store, so it looks and feels 100% on-brand.


Speaking of seamless, Smack Bang’s loyalty program is omnichannel (working both in-store and online) thanks to the fact that Marsello connects with the retailer’s POS system, Lightspeed. Because of this smooth integration, members of Smack Bang’s loyalty program can earn and redeem rewards no matter where or how they’re shopping. 


As far as accumulating points, members earn a point for every $1 they spend. Smack Bang also rewards customers for actions that they take on the site – such as creating an account, completing their profile, and reviewing a product. There are also points for members who refer their friends and engage with the brand on social media. 


Smack Bang has a handful of rewards for members, including percentage discounts (up to 20% off) and free shipping. 


Shoppers clearly love participating in the program; Smack Bang has a 100% loyalty engagement rate and so far members have collectively earned over 300,000 points!


All in all, Smack Bang has made shopping a rewarding experience for customers and their furry friends. We can’t wait to see what else Smack Bang achieves with Marsello in the future!

What Smack Bang has to say:

Marsello's seamless Lightspeed and Shopify loyalty integrations are a key part of our customer retention plan for both our physical and online stores and has proven to keep customers coming back to earn points and redeem rewards. Being able to customise the widget online to reflect our branding is really important to us, allowing us to create an online shopping experience as close to the physical store as possible."

– Amelia Lingonis, Director at Smack Bang

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