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A Cut Above: Super Butcher Brings Customers Back Faster With A Loyalty Program

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Feeding Aussie families for over a decade

Super Butcher is a chain of butcher shops with a growing online presence. With the rapid expansion of both their physical stores and online shop, they faced challenges with integrating customer data across channels and enhancing their loyalty program. The need for a seamless loyalty solution became evident as they sought to provide a cohesive customer experience across all channels.


We spoke to Jaden about how Super Butcher’s tech stack helps drive average order value, increase repeat purchase rate, and bring back customers faster than ever before.

a stat showing that loyalty customers spend 55% more than walk-in customers

"Our main focus is to get that omnichannel experience right"

Jordan found Marsello when he was looking for a loyalty program that integrated with Shopify and Lightspeed. The online business was growing, and he needed a way to provide a seamless experience for customers, however they were shopping.


With Marsello, he can offer that. And by connecting all his sales channels, he has access to all his in-store and online sales data in one place. Jordan can also sync all his in-store transaction data into Klaviyo, where he runs email campaigns.

Alpha60 store

Highlights at a glance

Loyalty program members spend about 55% more than walk-in customers, significantly boosting overall sales.

Customers come back faster. The average customer return rate has gone from 55 days to 38 days since deploying Marsello.

Marsello's multi-site reporting shows Jaden customer behavior across each of their online and physical stores, allowing for more effective promotions.

Super Butcher sends around half a million targeted text messages per month, driving both in-store and online sales.

a stat showing that super butcher's average purchase cycle went down after using a loyalty program

Loyalty: From siloed to seamless

When Jaden joined Super Butcher six years ago, the loyalty system was archaic and siloed, relying on an offline server and outdated processes. Points could not be added or used in real-time, leading to customer frustration and a disjointed experience. Jaden recalls, "It was all very siloed. For years, all I wanted was a system where customers could use their points both online and in-store seamlessly."


The switch to Marsello transformed their loyalty program. By integrating with their new Lightspeed point of sale system with Marsello, Super Butcher created the loyalty experience they had always envisaged. Customers now earn and redeem points both online and in-store, no more manual points updates or frustrated phone calls.

loyalty points update notification

“Marsello helped link everything together. Now we have a seamless loyalty program that's easy to use.”

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Jaden, Super Butcher

A smarter approach to SMS marketing

Super Butcher uses SMS marketing extensively, sending out around half a million text messages each month. They have tailored their SMS campaigns to target specific customer segments, such as warm customers, those at risk of churning, and localized promotions for individual stores. 


By using Marsello's SMS feature, they can track the resulting sales and attribute these to customers in their database. This targeted approach helps drive foot traffic to their stores and boosts online sales, too. Jaden notes, "The products we sent out on SMS were almost irrelevant; it was the physical reminder in your phone to come and shop that made the difference."

sms messages remind customers to come and shop in-store

Multi-site reporting for omnichannel insights

Marsello's multi-site reporting provides Super Butcher with detailed insights into each store's performance, demographics and customer profile. Jaden explains, "We knew our customers were coming back every 40 days on average, but now we can see differences between stores. For example, one store has a purchase cycle of 42 days with a higher average spend, while another has a 30-day cycle with lower spend." 


These insights allow Super Butcher to tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies for each store. For example, now Jaden knows that stores with longer purchase cycles tend to be customers coming from farther afield to stock up their freezers, so they will spend more, and buy more bulk items. Then, Jaden can jump back into Marsello and measure the success of these targeted campaigns. Rinse and repeat.

showing that in-store sales over an undefined period increased

Tech that works together: Klaviyo, Lightspeed, Marsello, and Shopify

Integrating various platforms was essential for Super Butcher's success. They moved their point of sale and backend systems to Lightspeed, which provided a robust foundation for their operations. One that was deployed, the integration with Klaviyo for email marketing was crucial. As well as bringing the loyalty and customer data, Marsello helped bring all that in-store sales data into Klaviyo. This was the missing piece of the puzzle.


Jaden shares, "We tried using Klaviyo alone, but it didn't quite work. Marsello helped link everything together. Now we have a seamless loyalty program that's easy to use." The integration allows them to send personalized emails and SMS messages, track customer behavior, and manage their loyalty program efficiently.

a loyalty program that integrates with shopify, lightspeed and klaviyo

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A Cut Above: Super Butcher Brings Customers Back Faster With A Loyalty Program

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