28% of all revenue attributed to marketing activity comes from their loyalty program.

How Tennis Gear Uses Their Customer Data to Take on the Big Players


Passion for tennis drove Mark, an avid tennis enthusiast and accountant, to take a leap of faith and acquire a quaint four-court tennis center with an attached retail store. Little did he know that this would lay the groundwork for Tennis Gear, a thriving multi-channel retail and coaching business serving tennis enthusiasts throughout Australia.


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Tennis Gear's tech stack for a better customer experience

"Before, we couldn't separate and segment an in-store versus an online customer," says Declan, Project Manager at Tennis Gear.

Tennis Gear faced the challenge of finding the right tech stack for their multi-channel business. Their primary goal was to streamline the customer experience across their retail stores, coaching business, and two online stores. Thanks to the powerful combination of Lightspeed POS and Marsello, they now have all their data in one place, giving them the ability to create cross-location segments.


Highlights at a glance

Marsello provides Tennis Gear with comprehensive marketing and loyalty tools that work seamlessly across all their retail stores and coaching sites.

  • Tennis Gear has complete visibility of sales across all channels through multi-site reports and dashboards.

  • They experienced a 2.5% increase in their customer database soon after implementing Lightpseed POS prompts, which remind staff to add customers to their sales.

  • With Marsello's automation capabilities, they effectively recover abandoned carts and incentivize lost customers to return to the store among other successful campaigns. 


Database growth: The secret sauce


Tennis Gear understands the tremendous value of their customer database. By maintaining an active and up-to-date customer list, they leverage their loyalty program and targeted campaigns to increase repeat business and keep customers engaged.

With Marsello's in-store POS Prompts for Lightspeed, their staff receives timely reminders to add new customers, update customer details, and inform customers about available rewards. After enabling these reminders, Tennis Gear witnessed a 2.5% increase in their marketable database. The reminders also ensure customer information remains up-to-date, which keeps their email and SMS engagement rates healthy.


A multi-channel business demands integrated data


For Tennis Gear, having a centralized data hub is crucial for running a seamless multi-channel business. Declan, Project Manager at Tennis Gear, explains, "The fact that Marsello integrates with our ecommerce and POS is a massive bonus benefit for us. As well as loyalty—that's probably a big reason why we added it."

With Marsello, Tennis Gear consolidates all sales data into a single location, and matches transactions with customer profiles. This gives Tennis Gear the power to execute highly personalized and targeted marketing.


How Tennis Gear takes on a competitive market


Tennis Gear operates a coaching business, an online shop, and six brick-and-mortar stores. In a highly competitive landscape, they have adopted a unique approach to stand out—their loyalty program.

"Our loyalty program is a unique selling point that we have over our competitors and anyone else in the industry," highlights Declan. They not only use it to reward loyal customers but also leverage points-based incentives to drive sales at specific outlets or locations. With Marsello's omnichannel sales data, Tennis Gear can segment their customer base by location, then run points campaigns to give them a boost (for example, with a 'double points weekend’).

Declan says, "I think Marsello is the only solution that we found that had a native integration between all the systems that we are using. Now we can really easily separate our in-store and our online customers. In terms of loyalty, campaigns, and everything, it’s certainly the best solution that we found."


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