bCODE kicks off strong with a 428% increase
in revenue from campaigns

bCODE is the exclusive brick-and-mortar destination for Skechers and Havaianas in Nigeria and they have mastered the art of driving buzz and business through one-off campaigns! When they recently launched their loyalty program, the company went the extra mile in their marketing strategy and launched a ‘double points’ campaign that saw them reaping the benefits! With a 20% open rate and a 94% increase in customer’s average loyalty points spent. 

bCODE's points promotion campaign with a forest green background and the words, “The BCode. Double Perks. Double point weekend. Spend N1000 Earn 2 points. Friday 7th – Sunday 9th Aug ONLY.” Then there’s a call-to-action button that reads “SHOP & EARN”.

The bCODE team definitely know how to use email marketing to their advantage; in addition to sending one-off messages to promote their products, they also do an amazing job of integrating email with their other marketing efforts.

Case in point: when they launched the online version of their loyalty program, bCODE first sent an email to their customers giving them specific, image-based, step-by-step instructions on how to sign up to the loyalty program online. They then ran a points promo called “Double Perks weekend” which enabled members to earn double points on all purchases over a three-day period.

To promote their points campaign, bCODE crafted a simple but hard-hitting email that contained key details about the Double Perks promotion, plus a clear call to action. Not only is the campaign an excellent initiative that quickly encouraged customers to shop online, but it also incentivized shoppers to join bCODE’s loyalty program. And with a 20% open rate, it’s clear that they were reaching a high volume of their customers.

After launching their double points campaign, bCODE saw exactly the kinds of results they could hope for, including a 94% increase in loyalty points spent!

Another thing we love? bCODE promoted Double Perks weekend across their other marketing channels. On Instagram, they posted a video to help spread the word, and they did the same thing on Twitter and Facebook, using tactics to help them stand out like incorporating GIFs into their images.

We love that bCODE found such an innovative way to refresh their already popular loyalty program. Since starting their loyalty program, they’ve seen a 340% increase in revenue from loyalty customers. And their astounding results don’t stop there! Since sending their first One-off Email Campaign with Marsello, bCODE have seen a 428% increase in revenue directly from those campaigns!

bCODE’s fresh and integrated marketing initiatives are truly admirable and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

To learn how to make the most out of your loyalty marketing, check out The Loyalty Marketing Guide: 8 Strategies for Gaining Customers for Life.
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