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Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, allowing merchants to create an online store in just a few steps. In addition to giving eCommerce and brick-and-mortar store owners all the tools they need to build, launch and grow their business, Shopify also has a growing marketplace of apps and solutions that can extend the capabilities of the platform. With the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19), now is the perfect time to be analyzing which apps will help you to master the management of an omnichannel store.


To date, the Shopify’s app store offers upward of 2,400 apps to its users, and on average, 33,000 are downloaded each month. 


But not all apps are created equally, and with 2,000+ to browse, it can be challenging to find which app is going to get the best results for your business. 


So, we've saved you the hassle of browsing thousands of solutions and identified the 13 best Shopify apps to get you through marketing, analytics, accounting, staffing, merchandising, and much more. 


When it comes to loyalty marketing and automation for your Shopify store, look no further than Marsello


Our app equips you with powerful tools that can help you run delightful marketing campaigns across physical and digital channels. Want to set up a loyalty program that seamlessly works online and offline? We got you covered. Need to send targeted messages via email and SMS? You can do that too! 


Marsello also puts the power of AI at your fingertips. The platform uses customer segmentation to organise and track customers based on their shopping behavior (i.e., purchase history, recent interactions, etc.), helping you to run the right campaigns at the right time.



eCommerce support is critical to keeping customers on your site, engaged with your brand, and moving through to purchase. Kiri assists with just this through the use of artificial intelligence.  


Kiri allows store owners with an eCommerce site to increase their profits and customer satisfaction with automatic replies, intelligent sorting, and assessing the customer value and risk, so support staff know which conversations to prioritize. 



Wishlists enable customers to identify and store items they like. Smart Wishlist helps merchants to make this process as smooth as possible, even before customers have registered or logged into your site. 


Smart Wishlist is a simple tool that gives customers the ability to add to their wishlist in just one click, no sign-in needed, and no coding required from merchants.



Tagalys logo

4. Tagalys

The Tagalys Personalized Recommendations app for Shopify allows you to tailor the product categories and recommendations shown on your website, based on the interest of the user as well as what’s trending. 


Tagalys lets you create data-driven product listings and recommendations, so your website displays products that shoppers are most likely to buy. Product recommendations on your online store, in turn, keeps customers on your site and helps to increase conversions and revenue.



Easyship logo 5. Easyship

Shipping is a crucial piece of the eCommerce business puzzle, and finding the right shipping solution can help businesses to save drastically – both their time and money. 


The Easyship app for Shopify gives merchants access to low shipping costs all over the world. With more economical shipping costs offered to customers, the barrier of freight is removed, paving the way to increased conversions and more repeat purchases, not to mention cost savings for both sides.  


SEO Booster logo

6. SEO Booster

Being seen online is the primary battle in building a customer base. To be seen, your eCommerce site needs to be search engine optimized and to be optimized, you either need an in-house team, or you need systems working to support you. 


SEO Booster by Secomapp helps eCommerce sites to boost their SEO with no prior SEO skills required. With a number of automatic functions, tools, and insight features, the SEO Booster app helps your site to set up SEO like a pro. 



Setup Optizen logo

7. SEO App ‑ Setup Optizen

We've said it already: SEO is critical to getting seen online. But, thankfully, there are many ways that eCommerce businesses can improve their SEO, and SEO App - Setup Optizen is one handy app to help you do just that. 


SEO App ‑ Setup Optizen by EcomXSEO allows merchants to add content below product grids on collection pages, which boosts the relevance of the page, making it more SEO friendly and thus better ranking. With the SEO App ‑ Setup Optizen app for Shopify, you can include more internal links and heading tags, bringing validity to improve product page rankings. 



Bulk Products logo

10. Bulk Products Editor

Editing product information in bulk can be a nightmare, no matter whether it's tens of items or thousands. To counter this, SpurIT developed Bulk Products Editor for Shopify users to streamline the process and make it possible to edit in bulk from one page. 


Through the app, merchants can edit product and variant details in bulk, with just a couple clicks, all from the same page. This could be bulk tags, vendor details, product titles and descriptions, SEO information, or bulk price changes. 



Staffy logo 9. Staffy

With smoother staff management, retail store owners and managers can focus less on admin and focus more on important work – such as growing your online and offline sales, keeping your customers happy, and strategizing where to take your business. 


To that end, Staffy is a Shopify app that helps you stay on top of employee management, scheduling, and payroll. With quick and easy shift scheduling, salary calculation systems, payment integrations, and team communication tools, Staffy is an all-rounder system for sites managing staff. 


Staffy is a platform that is made to ensure teamwork productivity and payroll in Shopify. It's designed for merchants that rely on remote teams, physical employees, and/or POS store retail employees. Staffy's time tracking capabilities ensure that employees are working during business hours, no matter if they're at home, or at your fulfillment center.  Staffy also comes with in-depth integrations to provide key features and insights such as custom made reports, one-click payroll, project management tools and more - all while being fully integrated with your Shopify system. 

- Harel Ishay, CEO at Staffy



Matcha logo10. Matcha


They say content is king, but unfortunately, it can also be tough to measure, and many eCommerce businesses have historically struggled to learn what content is converting. 


With Matcha for Shopify, merchants can see exactly what content their customers respond to and what impact this content has on their revenue. With these insights, Matcha also assists merchants in creating content strategies with conversion, not just engagement, in mind.  



PriceWhiz logo

11. PriceWhiz

Applying changes to products can have a significant impact on how they sell, and this can be particularly difficult to track. PriceWhiz gives Shopify merchants an app to easily measure these changes by setting goals that measure how long it takes to sell an item against how long you want it to take to sell.


With better measurement, eCommerce owners can make smarter decisions through experimentation, rather than guesswork, with a full report on the number of orders from each product line within the goal time. 





Analytics tools are what makes the Internet go round and allows eCommerce businesses to get ahead of their competitors. For Shopify sites, Conversific ‑ Store Analytics is the analytics tool of choice, bringing up actionable analytics and reports so that merchants can make sense of and harness their data.

With no need to develop technical skills, merchants can optimize for traffic and conversion, access benchmarking and insights tools, and master Google Analytics to boost their online sales.


Simprosys Product Questions and Answers Logo

13. Product Questions and Answers 

The modern consumer is a research savvy, internet literate individual with a penchant for seeking answers to hunt down the best deal. Answering questions all day, however, is time-consuming for merchants or customer service teams; hence Product Questions and Answers become so valuable. 

With this free app on Shopify, eCommerce site owners can create product-specific FAQ sections on various product pages. Not only does this answer consumer questions, but it also helps with SEO and product questions and answers.


The biggest benefit [of Product Questions and Answers ] is it helps merchants maintain the FAQ page for each product on their respective product pages. Plus, questions and answers are rendered via In Page HTML and via JS rendering. This helps Search Engines read the content of the pages more efficiently.

- Amit P Jivani, CEO at Simprosys InfoMedia 


Bringing it all together

Retail success requires you have a strong presence on both physical and digital channels. If you’re a brick-and-mortar store looking to go online, then installing some of these apps from the get-go will help you kick off on the right foot. Already have an online store? These apps will optimize it further so you can take it to new heights! 

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