JMLEGAZEL increased their
monthly orders by 956%.


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The object of patina on shoes is to enhance their natural beauty and design through contouring and color, and JMLEGAZEL is the master of patina! Their highly-skilled team's artistic flair and attention to detail allow them to put their best foot forward and create outstandingly beautiful, high-end footwear that any leather shoe fan would find hard to go beyond.

With an eye for high-quality materials and expertise in excellent customer service, JMLEGAZEL is a step ahead, especially in the city of their flagship store, Paris, France – largely considered the home of patina leather.

JMLEGAZEL’s website features a large image of their hand-made patina shoes.

Here's what we love about their marketing

JMLEGAZEL offers a variety of appealing rewards – they've created five rewards at different point levels. Most of their rewards include a percentage off the entire purchase, enticing members to spend more so that they can make the most of the discount. With discounts like these on such beautiful products, it’s no wonder that JMLEGAZEL has seen a 35% increase in the frequency of purchases by their loyal customers.

They also provide a thoroughly generous points-earning strategy for loyal customers, gifting large point totals for actions such as referring friends and leaving product reviews.

JMLEGAZEL’s detailed and generous loyalty program features a widget pop-up on their website.

Initially, JMLEGAZEL launched their loyalty program to their existing customer database with an email blast. They wanted to thank their customers for their continued support and to generate excitement, letting all their customers know about the new ways to earn exclusive rewards. The results of their current marketing efforts show too – Since they first started using Marsello, JMLEGAZEL has seen a 96.15% increase in the number of individual loyal customers shopping with them.

Email campaigns are not only a clever way for the store to encourage sign-ups but also they can be used to plan future marketing by giving the JMLEGAZEL team the data insights t to create specific customer groups. With this level of data, they could then activate automated email flows to be target customers with different shopping histories, or simply market to different groups with the perfect message at exactly the right time.


Bilingual marketing

JMLEGAZEL wanted to show their appreciation for their loyal customers by offering them exclusive rewards for continuing to support their store. They seamlessly integrated their loyalty program into their online shopping experience, creating a tabless program that has been translated into both French and English for their multilingual international audience.

JMLEGAZEL’s account creation pop-up on their online store.

Extra things JMLEGAZEL are doing that we love

JMLEGAZEL crafted a video that illustrates the heart and ‘sole’ that goes into each pair of shoes at their state-of-the-art flagship store. The care and attention that is involved in creating each pair of shoes is truly is inspiring!

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