T.C. Elli’s generates 51x ROI from omnichannel marketing campaigns that reach shoppers in-store, online & on mobile.


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T.C. Elli’s, a Texas-based fashion retailer, is a go-to destination for fresh and eclectic fashion. The store has a wide assortment of trendy clothing and accessories that are perfect for shoppers who love keeping up with the latest in fashion.

T.C.E has a remarkable marketing strategy designed to engage customers on all channels, including brick-and-mortar, eCommerce, and mobile. They use Marsello to power their campaigns, and they’ve seen a 51x ROI from their initiatives.

Emails that live up to the hype


T.C. Elli’s sent a one-off email campaign that saw outstanding results thanks to a combination of intrigue, an amazing product selection, and a timely offer. The campaign saw an open rate of 14.45% and contributed to T.C. Elli's 57% revenue return that they're seeing from email campaigns.

The team used creativity as a secret weapon during the creation of this one-off email campaign. They started the email with an intriguing subject line that read, “Something big is happening...💐” which helped to pique the interest of their subscribers. Users who opened the email were given a glimpse of the brand’s newest products and were treated to a 15% discount.

We love this approach because, unlike other brands which sometimes ‘bait’ subscribers with attractive subject lines, T.C. Elli’s made sure that the content of their email lived up to the compelling subject line.

We should also point out that this is just one of the brand’s many email campaigns. T.C. Elli’s regularly comes up with great messages, reaching out to their subscribers at least 1-2 times a week. This means that they’re consistently driving revenue from their email channel and their subscribers stay connected with the brand.

Hyper-targeted SMS campaigns


T.C. Elli’s is also leveraging SMS marketing. What’s great about their strategy is that the team uses customer segmentation to send targeted and relevant text messages. Using Marsello's predetermined, T.C. Elli's can group customers into the following segments:

• Best
• Loyal
• Promising
• New
• At Risk

But T.C. Elli's smart marketing with customer segmentation doesn't just make use of Marsello's RFM segments, the T.C.E team have created their own segment for loyalty program customers called 'TCE Honeys'. 

When it comes to their SMS marketing, T.C. Elli's sent SMS campaigns to customers depending on their specific segment. For example, T.C.E recently ran a promotion that allowed shoppers to get a free item with select purchases. The team sent a promotional text to their “Best,” “Loyal,” and “Promising” segments to ensure that their top customers would be some of the first people who can take advantage of the deal. 

The best part? Marsello automatically groups customers based on their purchasing history and behavior, so shoppers are already segmented automatically, making it easy to create these targeted campaigns. 


Tip: Want to learn how to segment your customers like a pro? Our Customer Segmentation Guide gives you everything you need to know!


Connecting all channels together

As a retailer that has both an eCommerce and brick-and-mortar store, T.C. Elli’s needs to ensure that their sales channels are connected. To that end, they have a tightly integrated tech stack featuring Vend POS, BigCommerce, and Marsello. 

These three solutions are able to talk to each other, so sales and customer data are synced across all channels and shoppers have a smooth retail experience online, offline, and everywhere in between.


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