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7 Best Loyalty Apps for Shopify [2023]

Choosing the best loyalty program app for your Shopify store isn't easy. In this blog, we review the 7 Best Loyalty Apps for Shopify, and how they can...

Max Crosse

Content Strategy Manager

Customer retention isn’t easy. Between your eCommerce and physical stores, social media, and various other touchpoints, customers can slip through the cracks.

Shopify’s loyalty program apps make it easy to engage your customers with personalized rewards and incentives and ensure they stick around for the long term. But with so many loyalty apps to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business?

In this article, we’ll review the 7 Best Loyalty Apps for Shopify and how they can increase customer retention and boost sales for your store.



What are the best loyalty apps for Shopify in 2023?


1. Marsello [Top pick ✨]

Marsello helps you drive sales and reward regulars with a loyalty and referral program that works in-store and online. With Marsello, you can customize the appearance of your program to match the look and feel of your brand. It’s easy to set up rewards, discounts, points, VIP tiers, and more to gamify your customers’ shopping experience and encourage them to spend more.

Marsello’s key point of difference is the ability to run your loyalty program seamlessly across your Shopify eCommerce and POS channels. This simplifies customer loyalty management and allows for a more seamless customer loyalty experience.

Marsello’s loyalty tools also connect with its all-in-one marketing automation tools, helping you run more effective campaigns, from email to SMS, reviews, and more.


Here are some popular ways to use Marsello:

    • Customize and launch a loyalty program that works in-store and online
    • Reward customers with personalized rewards, points, VIP tiers, and more
    • Sync sales from eCommerce and POS and link them to unique customer profiles
    • Use your customer insights to run smarter, personalized marketing campaigns
    • Manage all of your marketing from one app, email, SMS, automations, and more



Marsello offers a 14-day free trial. Paid plans start from $100 USD/month, and are based on your customer database size and the number of eCommerce and POS sites connected.


What merchants think about Marsello

Merchants enjoy using Marsello for its user-friendly interface and powerful loyalty features. Marsello merchants have seen a boost in sales through its loyalty and rewards program, email, and SMS marketing features. Marsello’s marketing automation tools and cost-effectiveness are also highlighted, along with its responsive customer service team.

Install on Shopify

Recommended Loyalty App for Shopify
Marsello helps you launch a world-class loyalty program that engages your customers and drives sales, no matter how they shop. Create rewards, points, VIP tiers, and more with ease.

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smile-loyalty-tools offers easy-to-use loyalty and rewards tools to help you engage your shoppers, and turn first-time customers into forever customers. Over 125 million shoppers earn points through Smile. 

With Smile, you can create your own loyalty and rewards program that increases sales and repeat purchases, saves on acquisition costs, and boosts brand loyalty. The best part is that creating a loyalty program with Smile only takes a few minutes—with no coding required.

Smile offers simple management of your customers and loyalty data, and if you need help, you’re supported 24/7 by a team of loyalty experts to answer your questions.


Here are some popular ways to use Smile:

    • Customize your loyalty widget and rewards launcher to match your brand aesthetic
    • Encourage repeat sales by allowing customers to earn points and rewards
    • Connect Smile with your email, review, and customer service apps
    • Nudge customers to continue shopping by reminding them of their points and rewards



Smile is free to install. Their free plan allows up to 200 monthly orders and gives you access to all the basic loyalty features, including a points and referrals program, basic brand customization, default reward emails, and an analytics overview.


What merchants think about

Shopify store owners appreciate this app for its easy setup and seamless integration with Shopify. Smile is praised for its loyalty points system, customizable rewards options, and VIP program features. Smile’s free plan is a good entry point for new businesses looking to increase customer loyalty. The free version is robust and easy to use.


3. LoyaltyLion


LoyaltyLion helps Shopify brands boost retention and increase customer engagement with a loyalty program that goes beyond points and rewards.

The popular loyalty app helps you incentivize brand engagement and motivate repeat purchases by offering loyalty points and rewards to customers who engage with your business.


Here are some popular ways to use LoyaltyLion:

    • Reward positive onsite behavior with customizable points and gifts
    • Increase brand advocacy by rewarding customer referrals
    • Deliver points and rewards through email and on-store notifications
    • Tailor how your loyalty program appears on your Shopify eCommerce site
    • Integrate with email providers, subscription partners, reward platforms, and more



LoyaltyLion offers a free plan that gives you access to basic loyalty features, unlimited members, and up to 800 monthly orders. Paid plans start from $156 USD/month.


What merchants think about LoyaltyLion

Merchants highly recommend LoyaltyLion due to its seamless integration, customizable features, and user-friendly interface. LoyaltyLion is praised for its exceptional customer service, and merchants appreciate the app’s detailed analytics, and easy migration from other loyalty apps.


4. Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program


Joy is a user-friendly loyalty solution designed to keep your customers around with advanced loyalty programs and rewards features. It’s designed to help Shopify stores effectively convert their shoppers into loyal customers with the help of rewarding points.

The app has a variety of features that allow store owners to manage the earning and spending of loyalty points flexibly. All of Joy’s loyalty features come in a user-friendly and no-code-required platform that’s supported by 24/7 customer support.


Here are some popular ways to use Joy:

    • Reward customers for signing up, placing orders, leaving reviews, and more
    • Manage your customer tiers, points, and missions with export and import data
    • Run campaigns with built-in email notifications and automations
    • Leverage your store’s point-of-sale data to run more effective loyalty campaigns
    • Engage your customers without slowing down your shop’s loading speeds



Joy offers a free plan, limited to 250 orders per month. You can enable points-earning options for customers who sign up and place an order. Paid plans start from $29 USD/month.


What merchants think about Joy

Merchants love Joy for its diverse loyalty features such as rewards programs and referral options, and low impact on your shop’s loading speeds. The customer service team is highly praised, and merchants find the pricing reasonable and appreciate its integration with POS. The tool is regarded as a valuable tool for growing a store’s database and social following.


5. Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards


Yotpo’s eCommerce retention marketing platform helps Shopify brands drive repeat sales with connected solutions for loyalty, email, SMS, reviews, and more. With Yotpo, you can build a customizable, retention-driving loyalty program that offers more than just rewards.

Yotpo’s agile loyalty tools empower store owners to launch a loyalty program quickly and iterate endlessly — with no developer work required. The platform’s out-of-the-box campaigns help you drive repeat sales from the get-go.


Here are some popular ways to use Yotpo:

    • Customize, launch, and manage your loyalty program with no coding required
    • Monitor your loyalty and referral program data, from ROI to customer LTV, and more
    • Increase repeat sales and customer engagement with diverse rewards and tiers
    • Create a seamless marketing experience by integrating Yotpo’s marketing products



Yotpo is free to install, with a free plan available to stores with fewer than 100 monthly orders. Paid plans start from $199 USD/month and provide your customers with more ways to earn.


What merchants think about Yotpo

Yotpo is highly recommended for its seamless Shopify integration. The platform helps users effortlessly boost business with features like email reminders for points-earning, and reward redemption options. The customer service, especially the live chat is appreciated, and the app’s customization capabilities are also appreciated.


6. Stamped Loyalty & Referrals


Stamped Loyalty helps Shopify brands maximize customer loyalty with a customized loyalty program, VIP tiers, and referrals. The platform works as a stand-alone product, but can also be integrated with Stamped’s integration reviews and ratings product to create a full suite of customer tools.

Stamped helps brands deliver immediate value to their customers through a personalized loyalty experience. Their platform helps you increase average order value and maximize customer lifetime value through AI-powered points and rewards, VIP tiers, and referral solutions.


Here are some popular ways to use Stamped:

    • Drive engagement with points-based campaigns that motivate customers to shop
    • Reward and incentivize customers to share your brand with their friends
    • Deliver a fully customized on-brand loyalty program and experience
    • Create exciting VIP tiers and perks to recognize your best customers


Stamped Pricing

Stamped offers a free plan. Paid plans start from $59 USD/month, however, by signing up for Stamped’s 12-month plan, you can save 17% off your subscription costs.


What merchants think about Stamped

Merchants love using Stamped for its intuitive loyalty integration with Shopify, along with its advanced customization features and helpful customer support team. Despite some instances where glitches and shortages in real-time assistance occur, the overall sentiment remains positive, with Shopify store owners taking pleasure in migrating from other app alternatives.




Rise is the go-to gift cards and store credits app for Shopify stores. The app is designed to manage all your brand’s re-engagement activity, from gift cards to referrals, rewards, and refund management.

Rise helps you establish an intuitive rewards program with flexible, automated store credit flows that strengthen your customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

Rise’s customer service team is excellent and has proven to go above and beyond to help customers get the most out of their products and deliver success.


Here are some popular ways to use

    • Trigger and create store credit rewards based on customer activity
    • Issue gift card refunds and offer store credit for returns
    • Launch a loyalty program that encourages store credit accumulation
    • Remind customers of their gift cards with scheduling and sending options



Rise’s starter plan starts from $19.99 USD/month and gives you access to essential store credit and gift card features, limited to 100 monthly store orders.


What merchants think about

Merchants appreciate the app for its gift cards, rewards programs, and store credit issuance. The app has high customizability and works seamlessly with Shopify and Klaviyo, helping you run more effective campaigns. The app has been instrumental for many Shopify stores wanting to increase sales and attraction, with its gift card scheduling and automation tools being a stand-out feature.



So, which loyalty app should I install?

Shopify’s loyalty apps make it easy for store owners to engage customers and drive long-term brand loyalty.

The best loyalty programs are ones that make customers feel seen and valued, regardless of how they shop. In this context, Marsello’s seamless integration with Shopify eCommerce and POS allows store owners to nurture customers and manage loyalty and order data across multiple channels.

By centralizing your in-store and online customer data, you can get a complete view of your customers, helping you optimize your loyalty program and run more targeted and timely campaigns that drive sales for your Shopify store.

Recommended Loyalty App for Shopify

Marsello helps you launch a world-class loyalty program that engages your customers and drives sales, no matter how they shop. Create rewards, points, VIP tiers, and more with ease.

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    Learn how to supercharge your marketing for your Ecwid-powered store with Marsello.

    Marsello integrates seamlessly with Ecwid by Lightspeed and
    your chosen Point-of-Sale platform.



    If you use Ecwid to power your eCommerce store, you can now run your customer loyalty program across your physical stores and online! And that’s not all – grow your ROI, nurture customer relationships, boost customer loyalty, and grow your business with proven marketing strategies all available within the Marsello app.

    But what does this mean for your business, customers, and marketing? Let’s dive in and understand what Marsello brings to Ecwid retailers.


    What marketing can you achieve with Marsello x Ecwid by Lightspeed?

    Marsello integrates seamlessly with Ecwid and your POS provider making it easy to set up and run your retail marketing strategy across your Ecwid eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

    Here are our top marketing features for Ecwid retailers:

    Run a fully-integrated loyalty program with Marsello, Ecwid, and your POS provider



    Turn one-off shoppers into brand ambassadors and reward customer loyalty with an omnichannel customer loyalty program that encourages customers to keep coming back no matter where they like to shop. 

    Studies show that up to 86% of customers are more loyal to the brands with which they have reward program memberships. And this number grows again when customers can access their loyalty program information and benefits in-store, online, and on the go. 

    With Marsello & Ecwid, your customers can automatically earn points for online purchases and effortlessly redeem rewards at checkout, just like they do in-store. And because Marsello integrates with Ecwid and your chosen POS platform, all your customer data, loyalty marketing results, and essential business are wrapped up in detailed closed-loop reporting. Then, you can use this information to refine your marketing strategy and create an undeniable customer-centric loyalty that boosts your ROI

    Make the most of your Marsello-powered marketing and offer an eCommerce and POS loyalty program that all of your customers love. Build life-long relationships with your customers and turn them into brand ambassadors with a customer referral program that rewards successful friend referrals.  

    Learn more about customer loyalty with our Loyalty Marketing Guide.

    Design and trigger automated marketing campaigns directly from in-store and online purchase behavior

    With Ecwid connected to Marsello, you can automate marketing campaigns from customer activities across your entire business. From welcome messages to customer reactivation, it's easy to customize and enable pre-built workflows for every step of your customer journey or design and build new flows from scratch.

    Marketing automations help you to encourage purchase, build customer relationships, and boost sales with perfectly timed emails and SMS automations triggered by customers’ purchase behavior. And because Marsello integrates with Ecwid and your chosen POS provider, your customer data is captured no matter where they shop, making it easy to trigger the right message to the right customer at the right time. 

    Did you know that 76% of companies that start using marketing automation generate noticeable ROI within the first year? If you don’t already use automated marketing campaigns to delight and engage your customers, now is the perfect time to start.

    Learn more about Marsello’s Marketing Automation software.

    Create personalized one-off campaigns to increase sales online and in-store

    Marsello’s integration with Ecwid and your POS makes it easy to use one-to-one email and SMS campaigns to design personalized campaigns that help to build diverse customer relationships. 

    Marsello automatically collects your customer data and organizes shoppers into customer segments, giving you access to valuable insights that make it easy to personalize your campaigns and target specific customer groups strategically. Offer your best customers exclusive deals and encourage them to share promotions with their friends, then target at-risk customers with easy-win campaigns that encourage them to shop with you again before they disappear for good. The options are endless! And with a library of professionally designed email templates for you to choose from, creating stand-out campaigns that excite every type of customer is simple.

    Gain customer insight and track the effectiveness of their marketing accurately in-store and online

    With both your POS and eCommerce connected to Marsello, you can also track the efficacy of your customer marketing strategy. Closed-loop data attribution directly attributes your marketing efforts to sales, helping you understand the success of specific campaigns, flows, and marketing tools while also creating opportunities to improve and iterate on areas that don’t perform as expected.

    Testing is an integral part of the marketing journey, and accurate data reporting will help you curate valuable marketing campaigns that get results. 

    Look at it this way: by understanding what tools work well with your business and customers, you improve the customers’ experience. Merrell NZ had this to say about testing their Marsello-powered marketing campaigns:

    Marsello also offers automations, loyalty, rewards, email campaign segmentation, SMS. All the tools that we knew we wanted to test in stages as our eCommerce and business grows.

    They went on to add: Marsello is a platform that provides you with a lot of solutions that you can test step-by-step while looking at the results. It’s not an expensive tool, so it makes sense to test it for a couple of months. 

    By investing in accurate reporting and using the data to improve your marketing, you’ll boost customer engagement and, therefore, increase your ROI. 

    And Marsello’s insights don’t just stop at reporting around your marketing efforts. By connecting your Ecwid and POS providers to your Marsello account, Marsello automatically segments your customers into marketing lists, making it easy for your to confidently create marketing campaigns and promotions designs for specific customer groups. You can even create your own customer segments – a simple way to design campaigns for groups like your VIP loyalty program customers.

    Understand more about the insights you’ll see in your Marsello dashboard or learn more about our Marketing Lists feature.

    Final words


    By connecting Ecwid and your POS platform to Marsello, you gain access to a variety of marketing tools designed to help you get the most out of your retail marketing strategy. From customer loyalty programs to marketing automations and one-off campaigns, there are countless ways to build life-long customer relationships, promote your business, and encourage new growth.

    We haven’t even covered all the tools Marsello has to offer! To name just a few: feedback surveys, online pop-ups to gather customer data, sync your marketing lists to Facebook Ads audiences, unique coupon codes – these are still just a few of the tools on offer.


    Ready to increase your ROI and design an retail marketing strategy that engages customers no matter where they chose to shop?

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