Yuccs Sees 1057% Revenue Boost Using Marsello
During the 2019 Holiday Season


Yuccs, a European brand behind sustainable and ultra-comfortable shoes, is using Marsello to create powerful email marketing campaigns designed to engage different customer segments and increase conversions. In just a year and a half, Yuccs increased email marketing revenue by a whopping 1,733% (not a typo); the brand has also seen a 294x ROI with Marsello.

Last November, Yuccs (a Spanish merino shoe-brand) sent several holiday email marketing campaigns to different customer segments. The image shows two different campaigns. One sent to loyal customers; the other sent to Facebook leads. The emails sit on a complimentary purple background. Each email offers a black friday deal to customers, although the content is specific to the segment group Either they invite loyal customers to share their brand with friends, or the invite customers to take advantage of the exclusive deals of the season.

One of Yuccs’ key revenue drivers is email marketing. The shoe brand’s campaigns have an average open rate of almost 30% and a click rate of 18%; both industry-leading results.

And the reason Yuccs’ emails are doing so well could, in part, be attributed to one simple but highly effective tactic: clever customer segmentation.

For Black Friday 2019, for example, the Yuccs team sent targeted, personalized email campaigns based on each customers’ lead origin and brand interactions. Shoppers would see a different message depending on their relationship Yuccs. For instance, the emails sent to new leads who found the brand via Facebook were distinct from those who’ve already purchased numerous times from the company and entered into the ‘Loyal’ customer segment. 

Yuccs also segmented customers based on their purchase history and behavior. Those who haven’t purchased in a while received a different message than those who have joined the Yuccs mailing list but are yet to make a purchase. 

This strategy enabled Yuccs to connect to subscribers which engaged them in unique and compelling ways while maximizing conversions and sales. 

And Yuccs’ efforts paid off. During the week of the Black Friday campaign, the brand saw a 38% revenue boost, but the results don’t stop there! During the 2019 holiday season, Yuccs saw as much as a 1057% increase in average weekly revenue!

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